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Where full recovery is possible. 

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Who We Are

Beyond Body Coaching is an eating disorder recovery coaching practice founded by Mia Findlay in 2018. We offer practical and compassionate guidance through the day to day challenges of recovery.


Whether you are working through fear foods, stopping disordered behaviours or working on your body image, we are with you every step of the way. We provide long term one to one coaching, group coaching, online workshops, in person events and one time boost calls. Whatever your current recovery needs are, we've got you.

Our team of coaches have not only been accredited with The Carolyn Costin Institute, we have also fully recovered from our own eating disorders. We are a global practice with coaches in Sydney and Brussels.


When we say we understand how tough recovery can be, you know it's true. And when we say we believe in you, you know we really do.


What We Do

As accredited coaches and recovered eating disorder survivors, we work with people from all over the world to overcome eating disorders, make peace with their bodies and find their true sense of self. 


Our role as recovery coaches is to help clients adopt new, healthy skills and tools to replace old disordered patterns. Whether in person, or online, we work with clients to help you:

  • Improve your relationship with food

  • Challenge, change and stop disordered thoughts

  • Address and heal disordered behaviours

  • Challenge and neutralise fear foods

  • Implement and prioritise self care practices

  • Implement intuitive eating

  • Improve poor body image

  • Implement body neutrality

  • Explore mindfulness & meditation 

  • Adopt an intuitive approach to movement

Our coaching practice offers the following important and practical services to clients who struggle with the following areas:

  • Food and grocery shopping

  • Eating at restaurants, cafes etc

  • Cooking meals

  • Clothes shopping

Depending on each client's individual needs and stage of recovery, we can work as part of a wider treatment team or directly with the client. Text and email support is also available between sessions. Our aim is to facilitate a safe and secure avenue towards recovery, with a focus on setting achievable goals and moving towards life beyond an eating disorder.


We know that life without eating disorder thoughts and behaviours is possible for you, with the right support and guidance. 

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Working with Mia is life-changing. I tried every book, therapist and group I could find to break the 20 year ED cycle. Our sessions were solutions-based, engaging and interactive. Mia is witty and warm, making the sessions engaging and interactive. Rather than lecturing me or telling me the "right" answers, she taught me to listen to and dialogue with myself, as well as empowering me to combat diet culture. That approach transcended eating and food, and has seeped into other aspects of my life in profound ways.


—  Carol, USA

Where you've seen us

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Mia Findlay
Founder and
Principal Coach

Our Team

Mia Findlay, Founder and Principal Coach

Mia is deeply passionate about helping others reach the same freedom she now enjoys without her eating disorder. She has worked in the eating disorder advocacy field for eight years and has been working with clients as a coach since launching Beyond Body in December 2018. Mia is based in Sydney and has worked closely with The Butterfly Foundation, Australia's leading eating disorder body, as their Ambassador for three and a half years. She takes a direct, compassionate and evidence seeking approach to recovery. Mia runs a YouTube channel and Instagram page dedicated to spreading recovery hope and awareness for eating disorders.

Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Anne-Claire is passionate about helping others confront and overcome the eating disorder challenges she has recovered from. Anne-Claire is based in Brussels, is fluent in French and English and works with clients from all backgrounds. She takes a challenging yet compassionate and patient approach to coaching. Her approach has been described as “the perfect blend of challenge, love and curiosity”. She believes that anyone suffering deserves all of the support they need to take the next steps on the path towards full recovery.

Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak 
Eating Disorder
Recovery Coach


Work With Us

Our coaches can work with you no matter where you are located; we work with clients in person and via Zoom. Fill in the form below to give us some brief details and let us know which coach you would like to work with long term. Mia provides monthly supervision to all coaches within the practice.

I am currently receiving treatment from a:

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More Services

Group Coaching

with Mia

We offer coaching circles for groups of four or five attendees. This will include a weekly Zoom call, a private Facebook page to connect with Mia and fellow members between sessions.  We work through everything available to one to one clients - a great cost effective option!

People During Workshop

Online Workshops

& Events

We run a variety of events including our popular Body Neutrality and Conquer Your Eating Disorder Voice workshops. Check out our Events page to see which workshops we are currently running or jump on our waitlist and we'll look forward to seeing you there! 

On a Video Call

Recovery Booster

Calls with Mia

Mia offers one time recovery booster calls at various price points. This is a great service for those looking for motivation, inspiration and specific guidance on any areas of recovery where you might be stuck or in need of practical skills and advice.