If you're here because you struggle with your an eating disorder, body image, chronic dieting, disordered eating or being kind to yourself - you are in the right place. Because I've been there.


On 29 August 2013, I entered treatment for anorexia and bulimia after 6 years of illness. I have now been fully recovered for 7 years. From that day forward, I have committed to mentoring and helping others who face the same struggle, as an advocate and ambassador for Australia's leading eating disorder charity, Butterfly Foundation.

I work with clients as an accredited eating disorder recovery coach (Carolyn Costin Institute) to help them reclaim their lives through Carolyn Costin's 8 Keys to Recovery method, intuitive eating, self care, mindfulness, body neutrality, unpacking diet culture and a variety of other tools and concepts which will re-shape the way you see yourself and the world around you!

Whether recovering from an eating disorder, improving your body image, fine tuning your self care tools or identifying and combatting the negative voice in your head saying you can't recover (you CAN), I am here to help you work towards living the healthy, balanced and fulfilling life you deserve.




Whether you have struggled with an eating disorder or not, we will work together to achieve any and all goals you want to reach in a safe, judgement free space. ​As an accredited coach and recovered anorexia survivor, I work with people from all over the world to overcome their eating disorders and make peace with their bodies.


My role as a recovery coach is to help clients adopt new, healthy skills and tools to replace old disordered patterns. Whether in person, or online, I work with clients to help you:

  • Improve your relationship with food

  • Challenge and change disordered thoughts

  • Address and heal disordered behaviours

  • Challenge and neutralise fear foods

  • Implement and prioritise self care practices

  • Implement intuitive eating

  • Improve poor body image

  • Implement body neutrality

  • Explore mindfulness & meditation 

  • Adopt an intuitive approach to exercise & movement

My coaching program also offers the following services to clients who struggle with the following areas:

  • Food and grocery shopping

  • Eating at restaurants, cafes etc

  • Cooking meals

  • Clothes shopping

Depending on each client's individual needs and stage of recovery, I can work as part of a wider treatment team or directly with the client. Text and email support is also available between sessions. My aim is to facilitate a safe and secure avenue towards recovery, with a focus on setting achievable goals and moving towards life after an eating disorder.


I know from personal experience, and through my training, that recovery is achievable and that life without eating disorder thoughts and behaviours is possible with the right support and guidance. 


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Mia helped me to unlearn disordered beliefs through consistent evidence seeking. She gave me the practical skills to replace disordered thoughts and behaviours that would support my recovery moving forward. I have recommended Mia to anyone that will listen. Do this. It will save your life. It will full up your cup. It will give you strength to keep going and it will show you how bright your light can be.   


—  Holly, Melbourne



To set up your free initial 20 minute consultation, please send an email to the address below or shoot me a message! Sessions can be held in person, on the phone or via Zoom. No matter where you are in the world, we can work together.

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